Manuela Pickart

“Recently I paint landscapes with oil colors on canvas. As templates for my work I use photographies. For the recent picture I use a photo my brother took in Iceland. The studies in Spain where much more academic, over here everything is more free and I can decide what to do on my own. ”

“This is a photographic book about nudes. I think it’s from the Flohmarkt at the Olympiapark. A girl who left owned it and then the British guy and now it’s mine.”

“I don’t like that artist much, but a friend from England who left, sent me these postcards, so I kept them. I have three favourite artists who inspire me and which I always keep in my mind.”

“Before I started with the oil paintings, I did sculptures like this. These are objects from the nature like leaves in resin bricks.”

“Normally, I listen to music with this object while I’m painting. It depends on how many people are in the room. If there are more people I use headphones. I share the room with ten people, but normally there are not more than three people working at the same time.”

Javier, 21, ist ein spanischer Künstler, der momentan an der Akademie der Bildenden Künste in München studiert. Sein Atelier an der Akademie teilt er sich mit Mitstudenten. Mehr seiner Werke, die sich thematisch meist mit der Natur auseinandersetzen, gibt es hier zu sehen.